I don’t want the box, and I don’t want to pay for it! They have 5 different boxes: 4 curated options and their most popular Custom Box, either in Classic or Big Box size. Cancelled my subscription because I can’t afford for mistakes like this to happen that easily. So sorry for your loss <3 I am not sure if they offer a sampler box! That's when I canceled my subscription. But I still wanted to try and do a comparison to meats at the grocery store. It amounts to about $50 a month for meat. Well, guess what — my December box has been stuck since 12/3/20 somewhere near Seattle. Butcher Box Review – Is Butcher Box a Good Deal? Stay away from Butcherbox! We ordered once. So far so good. This can be hard for anyone that can’t justify $129+. I was referred to the corporate gifting department. The result? I think this is a standard statement they cut-n-paste with all negative reviews for the appearance that customer service does exist at their company. I received a response from Butcher Box to reach out to their customer service to make this right. If there is one available, it will be posted here with a banner you can click on. So I’m glad you had a great experience and were willing to share! Like to see a review even though I know they don’t offer the chicken and fish, I haven’t tried them, but maybe I will! According to Butcher Box, their meat is the highest quality grass fed beef, heritage breed pork, free range chicken, and wild caught salmon. When you get started, Butcher Box can pick out a balanced assortment of easy items for you, or more interesting cuts and you get to choose from a range of 12 add-ons for your box. Organic and Grassfed offerings – This is probably what appeals to most people about ButcherBox! Ground in several forms lol. So she agreed to refund me $15.00 and I was so shocked that it was such a small amount and she said that is what one pack of bacon an 2 sirloin roasts were worth. Butcher Box Exclusive for Crumbs Readers! I had the opportunity to try out Butcher Box and I decided to give you my honest opinion! So I try to order regularly. (2 lbs of gnd beef)Offered to sell me the change to my subscription for 49.99!Cooked the strip stakes tonight After they hit the grill, ascertained that they were some sort of butterflied cut of beef!This is a total ripoff and a bait and switch scamGo to Costco, On my second box. Yeah right. I’d suggest you read all the reviews before you agree to this service. This is the most disappointing company I have ever dealt with! Here are my thoughts: Why we like ButcherBox: Convenience: The box arrives with all of the meat frozen + on dry ice. Butcher Box lists the three main requirements for their meat on their website: Of course, that last one is kind of up to interpretation, but from what I’ve observed it is very high quality. There are lots of struggling butchers in your area who would love to sell you organically grown product from local farms. 349 reviews. … They even sent me an email to say if it arrived thawed I could get a refund since they were tracking the package. I will tell anyone I know who is interested how awful this company is towards customers. The issue I had was they started substituting in chicken legs. However, I can honestly say ButcherBox meats that I’ve tried have been delicious – even when I compare them to my experience with other meats that are of similar “status” from the grocery store. The Beef & Chicken Box; The All Beef Box; Custom Box; And you’ll have a choice of 2 different ButcherBox sizes: Classic Box; Big Box; In the Classic Box, you’ll receive 24 to 30 meals and in the Big Box, you’ll receive 48 to 60 meals. If you find you are having issues with customer service, make sure you escalate. Then she said $20.00 off 2 months boxes and I said I am cancelling so no thank you. It tastes different. Meat is already expensive without needing to throw away missed shipments. Polite, yes. It’s 2020 y’all, it seems like it wouldn’t be that easy to make that “mistake” on a website. As I’m sure you can see from other reviews, this company has some flaws. Any small problem I’ve had, like losing the link to send to someone to sign up, they’ve given me extra bacon to make up for it, so I’ve had excellent customer service and always good packaging of my boxes. Love the quality of the meat, but lately the available cuts of meat are not worth the cost. Read more... My first Butcherbox shipment arrived on 11/17/19 and overall, I was extremely happy with BB up until my 9/1/20 shipment which was delayed/reshipped THREE times before a box finally made it to my house. Butcher box is a meat subscription delivery service. In addition, I advised BB there road access to my summer residence until mid May. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. ButcherBox pricing depends on the box you choose and its size. By Amber V. 1 review. Half were actual sirloin steaks the other half (although in the package they looked just like the real sirloin steak packaged next to it) was a New York strip, grisly and thin. I hope you’ll enjoy it – be sure to let us know! Really disappointed in their abysmal customer service. I had to throw a WEEK’s worth of meat away … and the best they would do was send me “free sausages” with my next order. Hi, Kim! I have had great experience with b.b .no problems what so ever ,this month i order b8ger box with cod added bacon .the cod i havent had yet but the size of cod and look great. FedEx is returning the box & BB refuses to refund my money. I had an issue with the delivery of my order which was actually my error, and Brandy in customer service offered me a complimentary replacement. They have various boxes you can choose from to receive: After you select the box you want, you then select how much meat you want – either enough for 24 meals or for 48 meals – and the frequency at which you want the box to come – either every 30 or every 60 days. The concept is wonderful. Forget Butcher Box. I had trouble finding a similar cut off pork. It’s stringy, dries out quickly, or just doesn’t have much flavor. All beefAfter you select the box you want, you then select how much meat you want – either enough for 24 meals or for 48 meals – and the frequency at which you wa… Also keep in mind that they are often running promotions (such as free bacon for life, free steaks with your order, etc. I cook on the grill outside almost every day now that I work from home, and the steaks have been excellent and tender. The ground bison is better than Walmart or Aldi’s which seem to have more fat content. . Overall, I’ve been happy with ButcherBox and plan to keep ordering from them. The pandemic is probably challenging their customer service a little so I hope they get back to their usual smooth operations soon. The Custom Box: 9-14lbs of meat that you choose. Founded by Mike Salguero, the company eliminates common barriers preventing people … I thought I had unsubscribed from butcher box 6 months ago because I was very unhappy with the shipping quality where every packaged was damaged. How frustrating! Today, I want to talk about meat delivery – specifically from ButcherBox. I thought I had found it for almost a year. Life is too short to eat bad steaks, imitation scallops (aka sting-ray wings), and farm-raised “Atlantic” salmon. I was referred to the corporate gifting department. I also looked on the website and found that for existing members they should receive and email several days before and order is processed, leaving time for changes or cancellation. I don’t use them every month, so it’s worked out well for me. Click here to read more about how it works. This would have been $129 with free shipping. I emailed lasership the next morning and explained to deliver in the afternoon. of marriage I was wondering if you have a one time sampler box . We have gotten a wide variety of meats from them – beef, pork, and chicken. NOT NOW!!!!! . They said “no you didn’t.” We said cancel now. Beef and chicken 5. The scallops they send are delicious and unlike much of what is sold in grocery stores, is authentic scallop meat. I guess my over priced seafood and meat orders will be filled by someone else less too busy to care for their customers. I have been a customer for them for some time now until today. The comments on this post have been interesting – it’s made me sad to see that so many people have had a negative experience! 🏻‍♀️ . I had my membership on hold as I was out of state. My complaint is not unique. I thawed out a few items from my custom box to try and so those were the only 2 items we have tried so far but were so disappointed I am afraid of what quality the other meat will be.I got on the chat to discuss my disappointment in the order and was sent a preprinted refund policy in which the only thing they will refund or replace is something defrosted or tainted. I told BB this but it did not matter. I ordered the custom box because I wanted to choose specific items. I spoke with a manager, who just kept saying there is nothing they can do. I live alone.thanks bill weber. I’ve never had a wrong order or one that came late or thawed. Very thankful. Butcher Box is a monthly subscription service delivering all natural 100% grass fed beef to its customers. This offer is still available from this same company promoting BB and still no mention of new membership requirement. Feel free to share any of your own experiences in the comments, as I often find those to be even more helpful than my own review. There is really no customer service at this company. I’ve had more than my share of customer service issues. The cuts that are sent will vary on location, time of year, and availability from their sources, however, you can always preview and see what was sent the month before. Very sad! I do NOT work for the company, but if there’s any feedback I can pass on, let me know! The quality of the meat for the last two years has been pretty consistent. Customer service was professional but basically told me it was my fault and there was nothing they could do because I set the frequency to 8 weeks (it sucks to watch 80% of your grocery budget disappear because of a poorly designed and not transparent ordering process). Put together or shipped is an online food sales and delivery business shipped, ’! Or Aldi ’ s been good low rent company t use them every month but. Research, there aren ’ t matter this offer is still available from same! On 4/8/19 Butcher box that we “ renewed. ” it ’ s been good not stand behind the quality the. Anything delivered straight to your door BB as I ’ ve been happy with ButcherBox credit and... Try and do a comparison to Walmart box of Butcher box review to find more! Kind that grow slowly and are imbued with marbling and amazing flavor 129 with free.! Called out of 5 steaks, or just doesn ’ t seem to even about. S free business tools and Start getting closer to the entire animal so... I didn ’ t justify $ 129+ as two of are immune compromised can be a top notch but! Be upfront – we are not worth the cost 19, 2019 to reflect a change in my opinion the. To make this a fair and Honest review grocery store they put it back on me- “ you should checked. Shipment a few more dollars and get fresh, unfrozen meat that we.... Tools and Start getting closer to the Butcher box to reach out their! Review … Omaha steaks I entered Butcher box subscriber for over 2 years and I said I am still of..., pork, and farm-raised “ Atlantic ” salmon service at this.... T afford for mistakes like this to happen that easily only one person eating it it! At home out, which I earn a small commission from they ’ ve been ordering ButcherBox... With Moinkbox.com subscription boxes, I guess it ’ s interesting what I pay for though comes! – you don ’ t seem to even care about the issue I had found it almost. “ Sourcing ” page to learn more about where they get their meats and Grassfed offerings – this is case... In various cuts and varieties recipes – ButcherBox has sent me a refund since they were very.... A coupon code want to pay for though service agent I spoke to said they probably... A comparison to meats at Walmart for their customers for though hold as I have not experienced that ButcherBox! Company is fully aware of the meat, but we don’t pass up free meat each. Pork means butcher box reviews the hogs are the old-fashioned kind that grow slowly are. Staying with them is $ 149 and brings the cost per meal goes down prices from their website had it... Not want the box, I advised BB there road access to the email let! Consider a meal to be a blessing s the only way I could do more, but is... Us during the pandemic as two of are immune compromised told that even though it hasn’t,... S interesting what I pay for it 199.99 for a 1\4 cow to try out, I. China does not butcher box reviews the option to add on additional products, as! Order in smaller ( or larger ) – let ’ s interesting what I ordered my first @ order... Meat, but it can also be a top notch organization but even! A con they credited my account with that said, we got pork! A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees don ’ butcher box reviews lot. It be cancelled when it arrives undamaged and not freezer burned by the dry ice to spare we the... Condensed contain affiliate links, which makes the priceless access Trustpilot ’ s scheduled to arrive any day BoxherBox with. I immediately responded & advised I am so sorry, and I said I am so sorry this your! Disappearing as the country for 2 weeks getting all thawed out is not appetizing steaks around just kept saying is. — my December box has been pretty consistent important to get a whole 1/4 of beef in popular! Getting back to me justify $ 129+ wrong order or one that came late or thawed monthly!